Student Services, Engagement & Welfare


ECA College is a dynamic Australian Vocational Education Institution offering VET courses. ECA College´s courses are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and included in the National Register of Vocational Education Providers in Australia. ECA College differs from more traditional institutions as it is focused on research, development and the extension of transformative learning. ECA College is a world leader in this field. Business and industry nowadays frequently experience turmoil and disruptive change, and under such conditions the traditional model of management is largely ineffective. New thinking is needed and ECA College is leading the way. ECA College operates on the basis of modern management principles, blending entrepreneurship with speed, openness, flexibility, and forward thinking. There are many institutions of vocational education nationally and internationally, however among all these institutions, ECA College is unique as it offers support to help students realise their talent and achieve their goals. ECA College’s Student welfare and engagement takes lead in providing individual support and preparation to student for entering and succeeding in the world of business and industry. ECA College invest twice as much time and effort as that of a typical vocational education institution in order to build its students’ capabilities to thrive in today’s fast-paced globalised world. Before strengthening Students theoretical foundation on various subject matters, ECA College allows students to learn to be a self-directed professional, confident and competent in engaging with projects and initiatives on a local and regional scale. With our planned student welfare and support system, graduating students are able to contribute to projects and organisations effectively straight after their graduation. This is because students would be learning the art and science of management on real life projects and organisations applying a project-based learning model under highly qualified and experienced academics and industry experts. Following are some of the planned Student Services, Engagement and Welfare program that ECA College drives through its Student Service Welfare Team (SSWT) in the Institute.

Student Services

ECA College is proud of its friendly and supportive student services team who come together to offer a great service and experience to all students. Its SSW team is helpful and provides professional suggestions suitable for each student's unique situation. Student services is the first point of contact for all student welfare and academic enquires. Students can contact the team any time. Some of the key services provided outlined below. Academic Consultation and Support The College aims to provide the best quality education to all students and to set them up on the path to success, i.e. a rewarding career and personal achievement. All students on campus are able to contact and visit their lecturers and tutors on a regular basis and if necessary, make appointments for additional consultation and assistance. The same level of service is provided to all distance (online) students using the following tools: Other academic support includes free workshops and seminars, academic coaching clinics and one-to-one tutorials. In addition, students are also able to communicate with the relevant Program Directors to request additional academic support. ECA College’s underpinning educational philosophy is to promote a culture of self-directed learning and development. Under this philosophy students assume responsibility for their own learning and development of their own capabilities. Academic consultation assist this process but is not a substitute for student's own initiative, drive and personal leadership. Administrative coordination for Student life cycle management The administrative role of Student Services includes: Financial Counselling and Fees Extensions Financial counselling and advice is offered in cases of financial hardship and in some cases fee payment extensions are offered. Certain form of Fees Extension also given with due consideration of; If SSWT has identified that the student may have a serious financial issue, due to gambling or financial hardship due to family related issues back in their home country, student may need to be referred to ISCS. Tuition Assurance and Assistance Tuition fees are covered by the Australian Government’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS). The TPS is an initiative of the Australian Government to protect international students in the case where education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study. Integrated Learning System ECA College students and staff combine use a dedicated student management portal and integrated learning management system to communicate, access assignment marks, attendance records and other resources. Library ECA College has comprehensive selection of books, journals and scholarly work in a quiet library setting ideal for students to study and research. Complementing the library facilities, ECA College provides a full set of electronic learning materials in each unit of study. Online Tools ECA College provides access to a comprehensive and unique suite of tools that support students and/or practitioners in the field of business, project, program, and portfolio or organisation management. Through this tool, a student would be able to: Every student is expected to have his/her own laptop. ECA College provides unlimited high-speed wireless internet service to students and staff at all campuses. Student Feedback and Survey process ECA College has a robust mechanism in place for measuring student satisfaction level in both areas of academic quality and student services. Periodic survey are conducted using personally administrated and on-line method and response data are collected. The data received are analysed and action plan for improvements are worked out. ECA College also participate in various external surveys and benchmarking with the help of external agencies and conducts surveys to gain feedback for improvements.

Student Engagement and Welfare Program

Student one-on-one Engagement The purpose of Welfare and Engagement Service is to provide free confidential support and assistance to help students develop practical skills to better manage their time, money and personal issues, also to help develop strategies to concentrate on their studies to get more out of their College life. Engagement services provide students with the opportunity to join the ECA College Central – a Social Club Groups/Help Programs and attend a number of events, such as Health and Safety Seminars, Multicultural Events etc. The ECA College Central offers free membership, health and safety workshops, multicultural, sporting and other on and off-campus events to enhance the student’s study and personal life. Financial Counselling ECA College also provide support in the event of a student having any financial crisis and issues. The SSW team identifies genuine issues of any students and provide support in the form of instalment plan for paying fees and help in mitigating financial burden if any. On recommendation of SSW team and based on the academic performance of a student, ECA College also provides part scholarship to students who are in need. Counselling Services Any students who are feeling overwhelmed by their studies or living in a new country, ECA College Student Services welcome them to make an appointment with our professional counselling team. Counselling team discusses students’ concerns and help find a way to address them appropriately. Even if the student fall behind with attendance or course progress, counsellor supports students with proper counselling to get student back on track. External counselling services are offered free of charge to students. The professional counselling team are trained to manage issues such as managing depression, anxiety and stress; coping with grief and loss; and dealing with emotional distress. Social Club – ECA College Central ECA College has a designated place for students called ECA College Central. Student Welfare and engagement team coordinates ECA College central with a formation a committee comprising of two current students Two Alumni student and Two Staff members. The committee regularly meets and organise internal and external events for Students involving all academic and non-academic staff. An annual calendar of events are prepared and events are organised time to time. Student engagement Events ECA College Central organises various events such as; Beside these celebrations, it also organises events such as; Disability Services ECA College's premises are accessible to disabled students. ECA College's staff always provide all possible support to those in need when attending lectures and other essential functions at ECA College locations, or venues designated for seminars, workshops and conferences. Legal Aid Students can request access to off-campus legal advice free of charge at any time. Students are assisted in accessing legal aid – Redfern legal centre. WHS and OHS initiatives Suitably trained on-campus staff are nominated as first aid officers and fire wardens. Regular fire and safety hazard drills are conducted to ensure that students are aware and in the case of emergency appropriate evacuation takes place. Career and Employment Support To Help Students suiting their program needs and aspiration for future career, ECA College Student Services provides free advisory service. Although, ECA College Student Services do not make any decision on career for any students, however provide suitable guidance and share knowledge with students in an independent and confidential manner. For example, if student Services feel that vocational studies might suit once needs and interests, they might ask student to consider that option instead of pursuing higher education studies. 24 Hours Helpline contacts Student Service team has established contact with various service providers for emergency support and some of these 24 Hours helpline contacts are as follows:

Student Service and Welfare Staff

ECA College has employed qualified and sufficient number of Student Services and Welfare staff for managing these activities. ECA College has campus wise Student Service Officers and Student Engagement and Welfare Officers who are trained to provide support to students. Along with these trained staff, ECA College has leadership team comprising of Campus Directors who are actively involved in Student service, welfare and engagements. An allocation of annual budget has been done to carry out various task associated with Service, Engagement and welfare.


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